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The dream of many startups, midsize or well-established businesses is to appear on top in the Google search engine. This is directly related to increases in sales, conversion rates, and a boost in business performance. The major hindering factor is that many firms are not sure of how to go about search engine optimization to improved position in Google rank. However, hiring a Phoenix SEO company can assist in your efforts. It is an easy process. In that, it requires lots of research, commitment and knowledge of creating the right SEO keywords. Firms are still wondering how other first can maintain the high rankings in Google search. Others are still wondering what to do to appear first in the Google ranking. Making a top rank position does not come easy it requires dedication commitment and patience.

How SEOS Stay on Top Shifts in Google Criteria and Algorithms

google-ranking-factorsSEOs hat stay on top in Google criteria and algorithms know the trick to it. Also, they follow the precise SEO requirements from Google to the latter. Those that fail to appear means that they ignore some of the requirements by Google for SEO content and keywords.

Google criteria algorithms

The rules of Google are not constant; it changes over and over. The trick is to keep up with any criteria for the algorithm that Google creates. With the heads up one can make a considerable change in their rankings. Google Penguin is one of the algorithms used by Google to rank the websites. If a website is inconsistent, its ranking is dropped by the Google Penguin. Also, the Google Penguin takes note of websites that do not follow the Google webmaster directives about the SEO content.

Also, websites that are overcrowded with keywords are a no zone for the Google penguin. Keep checking Google updates and links for a top shift. Some website owners have over time used the play it safe method to appear top on Google ranks. This, when identified by Google, is a crime. It is more like using a lot of irrelevant links in a website. When Google penguins sites violations in such cases it wipes off such a website from the top rankings.

Maintaining a quality website

At times the website owns know how to make a quality site but they do not know how to keep the quality constant. Constant quality checkups are a bonus for Google ranking. Also keeping constant with the regular Google changes and following changes and guidelines helps avoid the Google Panda from lowering the rank level.

Mobile friendly sites

The latest change from Google is creating a mobile friendly site for customers. There is a boost at Google algorithms for a mobile friendly site. Keeping close constant with any new information about SEO content and making changes when required to is the trick. Web sites have recorded significant changes by only following the required rules.