ePlanit Online Marketing

Click Tale

Click tale is tool trusted to analyze and handle digital conversions very well. As a paid tool, it is used to monitor consumer behaviors about SEO content. It also gives insights to the site owner depending on the searches that consumers make most. The tool purpose is to monitor referral and domain behaviors and recommend actions depending on the data.



Mint is one of the most extensive tools. It is simple to understand, and it provides results based on the popularity of a domain, referrals, and site visits. With the tool, one can get updates on time on a website that is being regularly visited. In addition to what makes that website a preference with customers. The mint dashboard is very clear and precise to understand the data results.


As an application, it is trusted for providing a worldwide view of any field of SEO required. The tool is payable and gives the site owner feedback data on anything required. For starters, the site is good for it gives a person 30 days free trial.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free software that is very important for anyone willing to appear top. First, the application being free means that anyone looking for a starting point with the SEO ranking can use it. You can fix the performance with the Google metrics. Due to the software gives clear directives on consumer behavior and needs.


Clicky Web Analytics

As a free tool, Clicky web analytics is a good tool for monitoring the performance in web traffic. Every service by this tool is personalized to the requirements of the site owner. The site also gives room for data results by accessing thousands of websites and their performance.

The Best SEO Communities

There are very great sites with interactive sessions about SEOS. Most of these communities are very helpful in the matter of SEO rankings. An SEO community is a good platform to get experiences from other domain owners. Also, it creates insights on new components and trends existing in the market. Some of the concepts are rare to come across with unless one creates an interaction with an SEO community.

The most interactive SEO communities include:

The SEOmoz Community

The site is the home to the most effective SEO tool. Also, the community has created a platform to help SEO firms and sites develop to gaining high rankings. The community has created the most influential and extensive online community. The group of global marketers is over 500,000. Every day, they are open to fresh persons in their community. It targets people looking forward to growing in the online marketing business.